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Queen Makeda
  • Queen Makeda


    The queen of Sheba doesn't need very much introduction. Known for her Beauty, Intellect and wealth, her kingdom stretched from Ethiopia to Yemen and was rich in Salt, Coffee, Cocoa, Gold, Diamonds, Ivory and written manuscripts. Her children gave birth to the first Christian nation in existence.

    Inspired by this African Queen this soap has Salt, Cocoa, and Coffee.

    Salt is excellent for adding hardnesses to bar soap. People also use it to purify the skin.

    Cocoa is an excellent source of vitamins like A, B3,B5, B12, C and E

    Coffee has a skin tightening effect and often helps circulation and blemishes.

    If you are seeing undesirable skin conditions, try this soap in combination with the body lotion! 👌🏾

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