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Black History Month

Started by Carter G. Woodson Black History Month is a chance for us to celebrate the contributions of black people and share some awesome parts of our history with the world

Each Black History Month we create new soaps, lotions and goodies to celebrate and a BUNCH of stuff is on sale!!!!


The Mansa

Mansa Musa of Mali was the wealthiest man to ever have lived. His famous journey from Mali to Egypt is as much myth as it is fact and, it is infamous for how much gold was given to citizens along the way.  As his legend spread throughout the world, many new countries came to trade with Africa in search of gold, ivory, spices and other resources.

“The ruler who preceded me did not believe that it was impossible to reach the extremity of the ocean that encircles the earth (the Atlantic Ocean)....... and (he) departed with his men, never to return nor to give a sign of life.”

Polish_20220131_110409783 (2).jpg

The bell hooks

bell hooks, was an American author and social activist who was Distinguished Professor in Residence at Berea College. She is best known for her writings on race, feminism, and class.

 "To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships, not just romantic bonds."
                          -bell hooks-

The Garvey

Marcus Garvey was an orator for the Black Freedom and Pan-Africanism movements,  Garvey advanced a Pan-African philosophy which inspired a global mass movement, known as Garveyism. His work would help inspire Malcolm X as well as Tupac shukur.

"Whatsoever things common to man, that man has done, man can do."


   -Marcus Mosiah Garvey-

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