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Our Story

 Aje&Aja was founded to address the need for self care especially in light of the trauma and sadness we have been wrestling with as a nation.

We understand that rest and Relaxation can sound like bad words when there are battles to fight, but self care is essential for growth

Though health is hard right now and sustainability sounds expensive, it doesn't have to be!!!

 Being better is a process with no quick fixes. 

But, the only constant is change.


Let's grow together  .

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The beginnings of Aje&Aja are tied to a desire to give back. Our mission is to bring more joy and peace to the people.

After seeing waves of consecutive heartbreak hit our community we made a decision to join the revolution.

Because black women are some of our strongest leaders and educators, we know that part of our role as their support is to comfort them through their grief and focus on the well being of our community.

Part of the struggle is finding your peace, claiming your joy and being in community.

We know it seems strange to respond to such trying times with soap, but the peace that comes with a hot shower and some alone time IS a part of the revolution. 

Black and White Flower

"The elephant does not tire of it's tusk"
African proverb-

Why the Elephant? 

Elephants are a powerful symbol of Wisdom, Nurture, Care and Protection.

For us these large animals embody the spirit of African warriors. 


Aje&Aja is owned by black men, we wish to inspire others to lead with service and provide a better sense of safety and peace to the women in our lives.

When we do not realize the power and gifts we hold we may get tired of carrying the responsibilities that come with our identities in this existence, but an elephant never tires of carrying it's tusk.

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